Frequently Ask Questions

Below are some possible questions frequently asked by new customers. We shall be updating these questions and answers from time to time

Q1) – Is this website legit and will I get my order?

Answer) – We are not only out for money-making but to help you with difficulties faced in buying cocaine from stores in the united state and most other countries due to the war on drugs. We make this nightmare a thing of the pass. Place an order and it will be delivered to your home discreetly. So yes this site is legit and you will get your orders in a timely fashion. We even advise you pay just for a sample to make sure everything is done right and that you are satisfied with quality before placing bulk orders.

Q2) – What do I need to make an order?

Answer) –  what you need to have before placing an order is only the money you will pay for it and an address or P.O Box which we can send your package to. We always prefer you send an address which is clean. A clean address is one which hasn’t been noted by the DEA or other law enforcement for receiving illegal stuff. In that way, we are 100% sure your package will hardly get intercepted. For further security, we will advise you to encrypt your address before sending. You can contact customer service to get our PGP public keys or use temp.pm to send a temporary private message containing your address

Q3) – How do I place an order?

Answer) – It’s very easy to place an order. All you need to do is to contact us on the live chat support. You will see our telegram and whatsApp. You can leave us a message and you will get a reply.

Q4) – What payment options do you accept?

Answer) – We accept Only Crypto. The 4 main types of crypto we accept; Bitcoin(BTC),Monero(XMR), Ethereum(ETH) and USDT

Q5) – Why  will you sell drugs on the clear net?

Answer) – We used to be vendors on the most popular darknet markets. The feds know what is happening there and they are hunting down vendors on there. It’s is said that, the best place to hide is at the least unexpected places. With the creation of encrypted apps like telegram, Signal, Wickr and cryptocurrency, it has made everything easy for vendors and hard for the law enforcement.

Q6) – What is the minimum Order quantity you accept?

Answer) – Our MOQ is 3.5 grams

Q7) – Do you sell only Cocaine?

Answer) – Cocaine is our main selling product as we always got it in stock. We also got Crystal Meth and China white Heroin


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